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Family Law Mediation Services provides mediation services to people in the Las Vegas Nevada area who are involved in family law disputes. This includes divorce (including alimony & property & debt division), child custody, and child support.

Uncontested Divorce – A Legal Haiku

Today I provide Some priceless information At no cost to you Divorce is costly Not only financially: Emotionally Lawyers charge money To argue on your behalf We don’t work for free If you can agree On all substantial issues Divorce can be cheap Feelings can be saved...

Your Questions Answered: Supervised Visitation.

The name alone — “court-ordered supervised visitation” — sounds sterile and awkward. Being supervised as an adult is never comfortable. But supervised visitation should be viewed as an opportunity, not a sentence. By making the most of supervised visits, you can show...

Power of Attorney or Guardianship?

A common question people ask is, “Do I need a Power of Attorney or a court-appointed guardianship in order to handle the affairs of my loved one?” The common lawyer answer is, “It depends.” Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney is a document wherein one person, who at...

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